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It’s only October, but this has already been a challenging school year for students, parents, and teachers. At Academic Approach, we’re happy to be back in the rhythm of a new school year.

Even as students and teachers work remotely, we continue to offer one-on-one tutoring and school programs that empower students from all backgrounds to increase their scores, skills, and confidence on and beyond standardized tests.

The reason we all persevere through the tough days and the tough weeks is simple: Seventh and eighth graders are in a formative phase of their education, whether or not they’re learning in a traditional classroom this fall.

Your middle schooler’s performance now will impact their high school placement and success, which will help steer their college education and their future. This may all sound intangible today, but you know how quickly “next year” turns into “tomorrow.”

Here are five tips from our team to help you ensure your middle schooler gets the preparation they need to tackle their next challenge.


1. Don’t Write This Year Off as a Loss

Middle school is a socially and emotionally critical time for student development.

With your student learning in remote classrooms, it may be tempting to throw up your hands some days and decide that any learning is a win in this challenging year – but don’t let that attitude steer you and your student every day of the week. This year matters, and the students in your house can make huge strides in any learning environment with the right skills and support.


2. Keep Your Student’s Next Steps in Mind

If you are considering independent high schools, middle school is when you need to ensure that your child gets the right education and preparation for their entrance exams.

Beyond school placement, middle school is when your young teen is developing the foundational study habits and learning skills they need to succeed in high school.


3. Help Your Student Build Strong Habits Today

Strong study habits are essential to student success in a remote learning environment and in the classroom. In this moment when our routines and daily to-do lists are constantly interrupted by Internet connection issues and missing classroom passwords, these habits are one of the few things that you and your child can consistently cultivate independently.

Students with good study hygiene do well in middle school and beyond. Learning task- and goal-oriented work techniques won’t just help your student pass their next standardized test – this will also help them succeed in college.


4. Cultivate a Positive Mindset Toward Testing

Whether or not the future of admissions is fully test-optional, we at Academic Approach see strong evidence that test results still matter. Perhaps as importantly, we also believe that the skills your child cultivates in test prep won’t just help them out on test days.

Unless your student already loves standardized tests, there’s probably work to do to help them cultivate a positive attitude toward standardized testing and the skills required to test well. Begin this process in middle school to lay a strong foundation for their high school years.


5. Don’t Overlook the Link Between Middle School and High School Performance

We often hear about the tie between middle school performance and high school admissions, but the reality is that middle school performance is also tied to college admissions and long-term success.

At Academic Approach, we believe that testing shouldn’t be a barrier between students and the educational opportunities that will shape their future. To ensure that this is the case, every middle schooler needs to build a healthy attitude toward challenges and a solid foundation of skills that will help them on test day and in the future.


Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help Getting Your Student the Academic Support They Need

Finding and coordinating outside academic support may sound like a lot to take on, but with the right tutors and strong administrators behind their work, there’s little to worry about. The right program for your child isn’t a secret tutoring service you’ve never heard of, and working with them shouldn’t feel like an added challenge.

Whether you’re looking for help preparing your child for high school entrance exams or looking ahead to their high school performance, it’s more than okay to seek out help. Outside academic support, like private tutoring and test preparation coursework may be crucial to ensuring that your middle schooler is where they need to be in five or six years when they begin their first semester of college.

To learn more about the remote tutoring options available for your student, contact the team at Academic Approach today.

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