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Credit: Jenn Olson

Previously, we’ve shared all about Press Pause, a mom-founded CBD brand we love. Recently, we spoke with one of the two founders, Dawn Fable, about how busy she has been during the pandemic. Not only is she a mom of three with another full-time job in marketing, but she’s also helping two of her kids learn remotely this year. In other words, busy-busy. Naturally, she incorporates Press Pause’s CBD throughout her days and week.

“Whether it’s pouring myself a delicious cup of our CBD tea, slathering our healing balm on my shoulders after a tough yoga class or soaking into a bath with our CBD bath bomb at the end of a long day, it all makes such a huge difference,” says Dawn, who had struggled previously with generalized anxiety disorder. “I can recall thinking to myself, I wonder if this stuff works for anxiety so I started incorporating CBD into my daily life. Long story short, it changed my life and I knew it could help change other’s lives too. I had to be a part of that and that’s when Press Pause was born,” says Dawn, who initially started as an investor in CBD before launching her business. “Motherhood is really like your own private groundhog day movie, every single day. With quarantine, it’s like adding a horror element to it,” jokes Dawn.

We asked this mompreneur to share a timeline of how she incorporates CBD throughout her week. Plus, a few strategies she uses for thriving—not just surviving—these days.

Credit: Jenn Olson


Well, let’s be honest. Most days, being a working mom means starting your day having to choose between eating, showering or sleeping. Sadly, I’ve learned you can’t do all 3 in one day. Most mornings start with lots of yelling—whether it’s for getting shot in the butt with a Nerf gun, not flushing the toilet for the 900th time or arguing about the mysterious bump in someone’s sock. Oh, and we can’t forget about heating up my coffee for the 6th time before even taking a sip before I FINALLY get out the door.

CBD:  I make myself a CBD tea to go!


As a working Mom, I feel so fortunate I have an office to escape to and hear myself think. These thoughts of course are between the 10 million other thoughts I am micro managing in my brain and perusing the 58th email we’ve received from the school about some new app they’d like us to install for remote learning. Oh, this is while working on a work proposal, organizing the team dinner for my son’s lacrosse team and arguing with my husband via text about how many times we’ve had “sexy time” that week. If you try and he says no, it still counts right?!

CBD: I rub some CBD Press Pause Healing balm on the back of my neck for the tension headache.


Which dinner are we referring to?! You would think my kids never eat dinner after they ravage the pantry and complain for the 7th time that “nothing sounds good.” To be honest, my husband and I are lucky to have dinner together or even at all most nights. I’m also lucky if my kids left their leftovers for me to snack on. I guess that constitutes as an effective diet, right?

CBD: I hide in the bathtub with a CBD bath bomb!

Bed Time:

You mean the 3 ½ hours it takes every damn night to convince my 3 children that sleep helps your brain develop?  After I’ve threatened them to take away Christmas this year and they actually listen and go to sleep, I scroll Instagram for a good 30 minutes with no recollection of knowledge of who’s story I just became enamored with.

CBD: Pour Press Pause CBD tincture down my throat to get a good night’s sleep.


Dawn’s Top Coping Strategies For Quarantine & Beyond

  • Find time to laugh. As a Mother, there is no more beautiful sound in the world than your child’s laughter. Maybe our children are trying to teach us something and we should find more time to laugh as adults.
  • More CBD Please.  Duh?!
  • Connect. Pick up the phone and call someone. As a society, we’ve lost sight of the importance of human connection and COVID has made than even more difficult. We rely too heavily on texts for communication. Hearing someone’s voice can make my whole day. With others feeling so isolated and lonely during these difficult times, you might just make their day too!
  • Have A Grateful Heart. This is perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned from my Mom. Even if it’s just 30 seconds—find something in your day that you’re grateful for and really take it all in- even for just a moment. Doing that can change the entire direction of your day.
  • Hide. Take 5 minutes for you without distraction. From your kids, from your partner, from the dirty dishes staring at you in the face. Find a good and reliable hiding place in your house to escape the chaos and breathe.

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